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Since 2004 Traveling with the Gambe Group Team of Experts!

Since 2004 we have offered this exclusive Gambe Group service for our clients and entrepreneurs who want to get involved in international trade live and direct by visiting trade fairs, factories and markets in Asia.

We offer various types of business tours with the different profiles and requirements of each type of business person in mind who want to find business in this special travel service.

Undoubtedly, anyone can freely travel for business without being part of any tour, but without a doubt, a lot of time and money is lost without a fixed budget and more on the fly when traveling alone, adding the great risk that is taken in security issues in their tours.

By traveling with one of our business tours, you save a lot of time and money traveling in a calm, safe and effective way, fulfilling the commercial objective of your trip.



Types of Tours


Open Tour

This type of tour is open to any entrepreneur who wishes to visit any of the industrial fairs during the different plans to select. We have resumed this service after the pandemic, starting with the 35th tour since the first one we offered. We do this type of tour 2 to 3 times a year. 

Personalized Tour

The personalized tour is designed to meet the specific needs of an entrepreneur who wishes to visit fairs and factories of interest, whether for product development or direct purchase. This tour includes a search service for two months prior to the departure of the trip.

Specialized Tour

In this type of tour, a specific industry is chosen as the main theme of the trip dedicated to the entrepreneur of that specific industry and is open to any entrepreneur who is interested in that specific industry. The tour will focus on visiting trade fairs and manufacturers of the same type of industry

Graduate Tour

The university graduate travels on this tour to benefit his new professional career by visiting the entire environment related to his industry. Professionals in international trade, industrial design and other engineering are part of this type of tour


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